Perfect pet - Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

My Pet Rabbits

In all I have got 4 adult does, 1 REW, 2 Black otters + a sable, 1 blue otter buck (all Pure Bred Netherland Dwarfs)

Plus a 5 month old Mini Lop Doe called Honey, who I rescued at 3weeks + she soon became 1 of the family, very very "clingy" + sought CONSTANT attention, so she now has a little cream guinea pig to keep her company.

The new pig "creamy" is an absolute God Send + from day 1 they became the best of friends

My 1st Nethie a 2 1/2 yr old REW doe called Magic,  given to me as a bday pressie 2 yrs ago,  not always an angel,  but never did I consider giving her away.  Anyway,  now she is brilliant + a very proud mum of 3 gorgeous Chinchilla babies,  2 girls + 1 boy. Now 8 wks old + ready to go to loving new homes of their own.

Black Otter Doe "Tarkar"  2 yrs old, Beautiful colouration, very friendly. She also had a litter of 2 kits, 1 smoke grey + 1 REW both bucks (male) Really sweet, see pics,  these are now 8 weeks old + for sale to loving new homes. Please email or phone for further details or to come + have a look.

Black otter doe "Tami" 2 yrs old, she is the prettiest little netherland dwarf I have seen in a long while + her temperment is brilliant. Mum to 1 black otter boy 8 weeks old + ready to go to a new home.